l used a sheet of concrete

Using the Whiteboard and Magnetic Paint:
Gotta state that this ended up being a fairly simple process. Very similar to artwork with everyday paint. That being said, l discovered the whiteboard paint somewhat thicker than mainstream residence paints however it nevertheless flowed on quite nicely. In terms of the odour moved, there was clearly some present, but was in absolutely no way unpleasant in comparison with some whiteboard shows online. It is suggested you paint in a ventilated room that will be typical to most shows anyway.

For my task l used a sheet of concrete board (Tile Underlay). The end product goes on my workshop wall surface so l wished some thing a little more robust than drywall or plasterboard.

It’s important for optimized performance you have a really neat and dirt free area to utilize the merchandise to. In addition pre-primed my sheet of cement board with a sealer/primer to mimic artwork over a finished area which is the majority of applications because of this variety of paint.

Applying a sealer/primer to raw materials before applying the top coating of finished paint is a must since it guarantees better adhesion associated with the top coat plus adding paint durability and provides additional defense for material becoming coated.

Magnetized Paint Application:
MagnetStep 1:
There’s no real technique here to utilize the magnetized Paint . Load the roller aided by the paint and roll it on. Begin with the base and roll into the top. As soon as you reach the utmost effective, go the roller to the right hand side and roll down to the bottom….it’s as simple as that. One very first impression l have actually mention is that there is little odour when making use of this paint that is an actual extra as numerous regarding the various other comparable products in the marketplace give off a pungent odor that is perhaps not perfect in an office or class environment or for yourself for example inhaling the odour. Subsequently, it rolls on effortlessly which can be a nice surprise as l expected it to be hefty to lay on since the paint itself is pretty hefty in weight compared to an everyday home wall paint.

Step 2:
The guidelines say to use two coats therefore understanding that l made sure that l followed the drying out times and used the next layer.

Magnetic Paint

Time for you test out that Magnetic Paint.
Magnetized Paint


Between coats of paint, to save lots of time cleaning the roller, merely cover the roller aided by the paint nonetheless about it, in clingwrap or aluminum foil. This may keep carefully the roller from drying out between coats. Make sure you keep plenty of paint on the roller before wrapping to increase the storage space time so it’s all set for the next layer!

Please Note: you should be cautious using whiteboard paint once the substance reaction between Part A and role B triggers the paint to dry quickly. Stick to the drying out times regarding the label and dont leave the roller to very long.

For normal each and every day household paint, to obtain an even longer storage time, position the roller inside fridge…just make fully sure you get permission from supervisor and don’t cover the roller behind the veggies…you might get yourself into some strife 😂

Paint Roller

Whiteboard Paint Application:
The Whiteboard Paint calls for the mixing together of Part the and Part B.Whiteboard Paint

Monsta’s Whiteboard Paint needs no less than two coats. Knowing that, a straightforward calculation is that for each and every 2.5 square metres that you are painting, you’ll need one litre associated with Monsta Whiteboard Paint. That amount takes into consideration and includes the 2 coats.

Applying the whitewall paint can be as easy as 1-2-3. Just roll in as you would with an ordinary home paint just attending to to not ever overwork it. According to guidelines, keep time for the whitewall paint to dry fully before you apply the next layer.

A very important factor become careful of while using the Whiteboard Paint would be to only mix together the amount you will need for that certain coat that you’re painting.Mixing Whiteboard Paint the reason behind this will be whenever you blend component A with Part B, you create a chemical effect which makes the paint go off promptly. In the event that you blend the whole articles and just use one half when it comes to first coating, the second 1 / 2 of the paint will be to hard to use when it comes to second coat…..trust me…l found that out the difficult means.

Whiteboard Paint

Painting the Whiteboard Paint throughout the magnetized Paint.

PRO PAINTING Suggestion:
Assuring good uniform paint distribution, and to eliminate any outlines created from the edge of the roller, you need to lead with all the heel of roller.

Paint Roller

Somewhat applying some stress to your heel region of the roller will avoid lines from creating on the other hand.

The Big Question….Is it Cost Effective?Money Image
Like anybody, value for money is very important, otherwise, why would you bother. I did a little bit of research and developed the next evaluations therefore l’ll allow you to function as the judge.

We’ll compare the products to a ready-made magnetic whiteboard towards the dimensions of 1200mm x 2400mm which means 2.8 square metres in location. The price for example of those boards ranges between $230.00 and $300.00.

Monsta One Litre Write Paint (Whiteboard Paint) and Magnetic Paint System. This product found in the video clip and on this website:

Covers a place of 3 square metres for $97.00
Similar Items on the market. Whiteboard just with NO Magnetized Paint:
Dulux Dry Erase pint addresses 5 square metres for $240.00
Writey Board Paint covers 2.3 square metres for $89.00
Rustoleum Dry Erase paint covers 2.8 square metres for $51.90
Magnetized Paint:
Rustoleum have magnetic paint that addresses 3 square metres for $45. Complete of both whiteboard and magnetized paint is $96.95 Imported from United States Of America .
Dulux Magnetic paint addresses 2 square metres for $20.80. Total of both whiteboard and magnetized paint is $260.80 The magnets the magnet board can be obtained right here: https://www.magnet4sale.com/push-pin/
Push Pin Magnets https://www.magnet4sale.com/office-magnets/push-pins-magnetic/




Big Magnetic Drive Pins & Whiteboard Magnets

Push-pin Magnets For Institutes Perform & Residence Magnetic Push Pins



Magnetic pushpins tend to be pushpin like magnets applied to the magnetic areas. Also called push pin magnets


Our large magnetized push pins & Whiteboard Magnets are available many colors & tints these strong magnetized push pins wont keep your things on the ground


Super Large Magnetic push pins


Magnetized pushpins tend to be pushpin like magnets used on the magnetic surfaces

Huge Neodymium Magnetic Pushpins 150 Pieces Single

My Conclusion:
I really like the product. It’s quite simple to utilize, cost effective and whole task are finished over a weekend let’s assume that the climatic problems are great..ie…not to cold. The only thing l is cautious of is the way you complete the magnetized paint. You desire a great smooth finish so don’t put it on to thick making sure you smooth the coating with a nearly dry roller on completion of each coating.

To ensure’s it Folks!….what do you believe? Actually l love this product and certainly will see a mountain of uses for it.

Because you are able to color a complete wall utilizing the product, I’m able to just see how it could be great for getting your work mates more involved with your presentations. Having it magnetized is an additional extra.
How about utilizing a projector to project a life-size image on wall surface as you are able to connect to. Great for team participation.
I will see deploying it as an organising tool in my garage. Movie not far off.
There’s no reason as to why you cann’t paint a wall in one of the youngsters rooms using product and allow the children reduce loose!
You’re actually just restricted to your imagination as to the measurements of the wall you can paint.
Hope you liked and found helpful my post on Monsta’s Whiteboard and Magnetic Paint.

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